Champions Celebrity Public Appearances

Public Speakers & Appearances

Whether they are a sports star, famous actress or reality star, celebrities make a great keynote speaker or event host. With their high-profiles and interesting backgrounds, hiring a celebrity for a public appearance is a great way to raise awareness and draw your audience in.

From media days, to corporate dinners, our iconic clients are available to provide keynote speeches and entertainment on a variety of topics. As leaders from the world of music, tv, sport, entertainment, politics, all our celebrities can provide first-class entertainment and valuable media coverage.

At Champions Celebrity, we have a proven track record of organising successful public appearances. Having worked with some the UK's biggest brands, we know how to find the right celebrities and make your event a big success.


Keynote Speakers

With their fascinating pasts and inspirational stories, our celebrities are popular keynote and after dinner speakers.

Whether they are delivering entertaining and thought-provoking speeches, or giving their professional opinion, our celebrities help to make your event more memorable and an all-round success.

For over 30 years, we have been providing first-class celebrity and keynote speakers for a variety of events. From small intimate dinners, to high profile events, we have the perfect speaker for every occasion.


Event Hosting & Public Appearances

At Champions Celebrity, we have organised celebrities for many public appearances, all of which have proved a great success. Now, we can help yours be one too.

Just some of the public appearances that would benefit from one of our celebrities include:

  • Corporate dinners
  • Product launches
  • Award ceremonies
  • Store openings
  • Media days
  • Auctioneering
  • Speaking opportunities