Champions Celebrity Media Days

Media Days


Is your brand launching a new product? Updating its services? Or even opening a new building?

If so, holding a media day is always a good idea. 

Open exclusively to esteemed guests and members of the press, a media day will create a buzz around your brand and lead to coverage in the media. Crucial to the success of any new venture.   

However, getting the press to attend your event is the first hurdle. 

But, hiring a celebrity to attend your media day will ensure you get over that hurdle. Raising the profile of the event, and as a result, your brand, using a celebrity is a sure-fire way to capture the attention of the press and personify your brand’s key messaging.

Through years of experience in sourcing talent to attend media days, we have formed relationships with some of the best-known celebrities, making us the best people to help you find the right one.

An exciting and effective way to attract mass media exposure there are many ways to use your celebrity talent at your media day, including:

  • Filming and Photography 
  • Social Media 
  • Q&A sessions 
  • Interviews
  • Speeches 

Our work goes beyond finding talent too. Drawing upon our expert PR team, who have contacts with the nation’s biggest publications, we will write and send out targeted press releases inviting representatives from relevant newspapers and magazines, radio and TV to your media day. 

After that, you are left reaping the rewards as you make headlines.