Eve Pollard

Eve Pollard & Vichy


To deliver a high-profile spokesperson to support premium skincare brand, Vichy, on their female-orientated campaign to raise awareness of issues surrounding the menopause.

Eve Pollard & Vichy


We identified journalist, former editor and author, Eve Pollard, for this campaign. She took part in an advertorial and video discussing her personal experiences with the menopause.

Both the print and video interviews were repurposed to be used in a variety of ways including online and on radio. Eve also tweeted and posted on Facebook promoting the campaign.


The campaign lasted four months and was well received. Print reach was 46,000 ABC1 women aged 45-55 and 321,000 ABC1 women.

The video’s reach was 11,700 unique users, putting it in the top 10 performing pieces of content. In general, the digital campaign reached a total of 283,862 unique users.