Champions Celebrity Performances Theatre


A theatre show's success is ultimately in the hands of its cast. By securing an impressive celebrity line-up, you can be sure your show will become a sell-out success.

At Champions Celebrity, we work to secure top acting talent for theatre shows around the country. The celebrities we work with have performed in front of thousands and can bring their experience and acting talent to your production.

Besides delivering a first-class performance, our celebrities bring valuable press coverage to your production. Whether it's a celebrity lead or an all-star cast, there is no doubt that celebrities can put your production under the spotlight and help to build awareness and attract a wider audience.

As industry experts, our talent management team make finding the right talent easy and stress-free. Using their experience and experience, they will find the best performers for your production, produce the binding contracts and ensure your partnership is mutually beneficial.

With Champions Celebrity, you can trust that your celebrity cast will be the ultimate show-stopper.