Champions Celebrity Ambassador Work

Brand Ambassador

Widely recognised as the 'face' of a brand, a celebrity brand ambassador humanise the brands he or she works with. As your brand's biggest fans, they support you in raising your profile and promoting your products to your core, target audience.

Besides representing everything your brand stands for, your ambassador will actively enhance your brand message and build a stronger brand identity. They take the time to understand your brand, so they can be involved in company meetings, act as your spokesperson at promotional events and become an integral part of your brand's team.

At Champions Celebrity Talent Agency, we specialise in pairing businesses with the right brand representative. We understand the influence a brand ambassador holds, so we dedicate ourselves to finding someone who will cast your brand in its best light.

As your talent agency, we will not just secure an ambassador and leave it at that. Our team will continue to nurture the relationship, ensuring it remains mutually beneficial and an all-round positive experience.

From drawing up contracts to ensuring targets are achieved, we take care of every aspect of your relationship.

Social Media Influencers

With over 3 billion social media users worldwide, brand advocates are no longer restricted to newspapers and magazines. Businesses can now enlist the help of well-known social media influencers to penetrate new markets and boost their bottom line.

Turning a social media influencer into a brand advocate is an easy and extremely effective way to build brand awareness and drive sales. As your brand ambassador, they will create a buzz around your brand and promote your product to millions of their own followers.

At Influencer Matchmaker, we find the right influencer and brand advocate for you. Together we build lucrative partnerships that take your brand to where you want it to be.