Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey Signed As New Brand Ambassador For Pink Car Leasing

Through our talent team here at Champions, Sam Bailey and Pink Car Leasing are excited to spark their ambassadorial partnership. By combining our expert knowledge of media campaigns with Sam's likeable, warm personality, we are eager to expand Pink Car Leasing's consumer reach.

Brand Ambassador Sam Bailey

Many know Sam as the X Factor winner, but did you know that she loves cars too?

After first spotting a particular red Ford Mustang on her paper round aged 12, she instantly wanted one for herself. Sam further confirmed her dream when she flew to Nashville and travelled around America in a black convertible, with a luxurious red interior. She reflects upon the experience as "special", and the car as "stunning".

In 2020, her dream came true, in the form of a bright red Ford Mustang. The car was a hit with the entire family, as Sam describes how her two children couldn't get enough of the flashy ride. Though Sam confesses that she "[doesn't] like going too fast", she will be hard to miss in her classic, eye-catching Mustang around the roads of Leicester!

Sam's lifelong passion for cars makes her the ideal brand ambassador for Pink Car Leasing. With over 50K Instagram followers as of April 2020, we predict an explosion in consumer engagement from her promotional campaign. Stay tuned to Sam's social media platforms to see the latest stylish cars available from Pink Car Leasing.

Champions & Pink Car Leasing

The team at Champions are thrilled to announce a wide-ranging new partnership with Leicester car and van lease specialists Pink Car Leasing. John Hayes, our CEO, explained that both companies will use their respective strengths to support different elements of each other’s business;

“We look forward to building on our partnership with Pink Car Leasing – the company will provide us with quality transport and play a vital role in supporting our operation."

He added that our brand agency was 100 percent committed to working with the East Midlands business community.

“Collaborations of this kind between two dynamic local companies are part of the glue that holds that community together, so we’re looking forward to helping each other out and deepening the relationship further."

Who Are Pink Car Leasing?

Pink Car Leasing are leaders of the car leasing industry, specialising in light commercial vehicles, vans, minibuses, electric, hybrid and prestige vehicles and VIP concierge transport services. Simon Hill, the company’s managing director, said;

“This is a great opportunity to harness each other’s key skills and capabilities, so we’re looking forward to working with Champions. We know the car and van business, while they know everything there is to know about brand communications, so they’ll help us raise our profile among the right audiences. There are lots of mutual benefits waiting for both of us.”

We will also use our social media expertise to create promotional content and generate wider brand awareness for the leasing specialists.

Want To Know More?

To see the wide range of competitive car and van lease deals on offer from Pink Car Leasing, visit or call 0116 402 6500.

2 years ago
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