Sam Bailey and her red Ford Mustang

Lockdown & New Car Q&A With Sam Bailey

Former X Factor winner, Sam Bailey, has been trying to keep fans’ spirits up while the country is in lockdown during the coronavirus crisis. The mum-of-three has been hosting regular Live from the Loft singing sessions on Facebook, from the studio of her home in Leicester. Taking to Instagram and TikTok, she also has been posting heartwarming videos of her dancing with her five-year-old daughter, Miley.

Sam, who is a brand ambassador for Leicester-based vehicle leasing company Pink Car Leasing, was asked how she was coping with the current situation.

Let's see what she said!

Tell us more about what you have been doing to keep people’s spirits up…

I’ve been singing Live from the Loft every other day, trying to do as many as I possibly can. Singing is therapeutic. I ask people in advance to suggest songs for me to sing, then I go through the list and look up the backing tracks and try to sing them as best as I can.

It’s a big free-for-all and I’m singing songs that I haven’t sung for years. Some of the songs I don’t actually know at all. Thankfully, no one has suggested Stormzy, otherwise I think I’d be in trouble!

I think people are getting some kind of comfort out of the songs that I do. It’s nice to hear back from people saying that to me. I’ve also got a bit obsessed with using TikTok – when I started last week, I think I had four followers and I’ve now got over 20,000! It has really surprised me.

How important is it for people from the entertainment world to be doing things like this?

It’s important because I think the TV can get quite repetitive and people are looking for ways to keep their spirits up. We’ve never been in a situation like this before, and when I go on to Facebook and Instagram there are so many people doing live content. Stars like Robbie Williams and Miley Cyrus interviewing other people, it’s really interesting because no one has ever really done this before.

And me doing my loft gigs, I hope it helps to break up the day for the people who are watching. It’s important to try to have a routine during these strange times. I have an hour to myself every day when I [can] have a bath.

Are you and your family and friends all keeping safe and well?

I got up early today and went for a run. I was doing a diet before which kind of went out of the window, as I was trying to get my head round home-schooling and trying to get the kids certain foods and making sure we’ve got things we needed, like toilet rolls. I’m back on track now, as I feel we have managed to sort a lot of things out.

My kids are keeping busy. My 14-year-old daughter, Brooke, did an online class with her dance school in the garden today. She’s also been sticking to her schoolwork schedule and my son Tommy, who is 10, has been doing a bit of work every day. But it’s the end of term now, so I’m not putting pressure on them.

Miley has been appearing in my videos too, doing cartwheels in the background.

We are all trying to do practical things. For example, this week the kids are all cooking us a meal. We’ve also been making a time capsule to include the things that we’ve been doing, printing out photos and writing about our thoughts and our fears about what’s going on. It will go up in the loft and then, in years to come, we’ll look back at all this information about what we did in lockdown.

We know that you love cars and are thrilled with your “race red” Ford Mustang. Why did you choose that particular model?

I’m really into cars but I’m not a petrol head, it’s just that I always wanted a Mustang!

I did a paper round when I was about 12 or 13 [years old], and I always saw the same Mustang car. I told myself that one day I would own one. When we went to Nashville a couple of years ago, we hired a black convertible Mustang with a red leather interior – it was stunning, and it felt so special driving around in that, with my arm out of the window. I took to it quite quickly, to be fair!

We were due to go to Nashville again later this month and had actually hired a Mustang because we loved it so much last time. Obviously, that trip is on hold now.

Have you been able to drive your new car yet?

I had it for a week before the lockdown came in – it’s a really lovely car, and so nice to drive. Now, me and my husband Craig have only used it to go to the shop for essential items. I’m storing a few loo rolls in the boot, as well, to deliver to an elderly family [member] nearby who can’t get out to the shops.

What does your family think of your new car?

My son loves it and so does my husband, but obviously no one has really seen it yet. Miley loves it too – I’ve even got her a matching red car seat to go in it!

Tell us your all-time favourite driving song…

It depends on what mood I’m in. At the moment I’m into rock stuff, like Phil Collins. I like listening to Peter Gabriel and Sledgehammer and that kind of thing – all the stuff that my dad was into. I also like to listen to Capital on the car radio, or just whatever I’ve been listening to on my phone.

Would you say you are a good driver?

I’m one of these people who is a safe driver - a bit of a nanny driver. I don’t like going too fast, so some people may find the Mustang a strange choice, but I just love the look of it.

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