Linda Robson

Linda Robson spends a day in the radio studio with Neff

Kitchen appliance brand, Neff, have teamed up Hubbub and B&Q to launch a number of community kitchens across the UK. These kitchens will bring generations together to cook healthy food and is a result of Neff’s recent research which found that 4 in 5 over 60s are not getting their 5-a-day from fruit and veg.

In order to get the message of these kitchens and research out to a national audience, Neff brought Linda Robson on board for a broadcast day.

Spending a day in the studio, the Loose Women presenter and star of Birds of a Feather, spoke for the brand expanding on their research findings. She also explained how the elderly people are forgotten when it comes to emphasising the importance of eating well.

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1 year ago
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